About Sonja De La Paz!

Sonja De La Paz musical journey has covered several genres: Tejano, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, and Country. Her musical influences span a wide range from Janis Joplin to Selena. Her late father passed on to her the passion for music and performing. While he never was able to witness Sonja's first steps as a vocalist in her hometown Corpus Christi, Texas, at the age of thirteen, those that knew him see how that legacy and love for music has been passed down. \nAt a young age, Sonja enjoyed participating in singing showcases and contests. She won an all expense paid trip for two to San Francisco, California by belting out Gloria Gaynor's \"I Will Survive\" and through a radio singing contest won the opportunity to sing live with AB Quintanilla y Los Kumbia Kings. While still in high school, Sonja traveled throughout Texas and Monterrey, Mexico as a member of a Tejano band, Jesse Marroquin y Calidad.

After her move to Laredo, Texas she joined a band where she was able to perform the variety of genres she enjoys. In 2004, Sonja had the privelege of recording back up vocals for Joe Lopez "Que Te Hice," CD. The CD was released in January 2005 by Freddie Records.

Sonja De La Paz wears many hats. On the weekend you can catch her exciting the crowd with her rendition of hits by Rage Against the Machine, Aerosmith etc. as one of the lead vocalists for the band The Bottom Line. Sonja does have a softer side when she performs acoustic sets with her husband Diego Garcia. Then, they both hit the big stage as part of the Pete Astudillo and Tekno Mex band where they often do shows as a tribute to Selena. Pete Astudillo and Tekno Mex take you on a musical ride with many hit songs Pete Astudillo wrote, co- wrote, and or performed with the legendary Selena.

Sonja has appeared on the Johnny Canales Show, the South Texas Music Awards, and the Tejano Music Awards.  -Delma Garza


As we all know COVID reared its ugly head in March 2020. And like a lot of people Sonja and Diego were left on pause with no gigs to perform.  So they headed to their home studio and tried to make the best of such a confusing time.  And lo and behold, a baby was born! .... NO, not an actual baby, a song! Their very first original song, "CONTIGO"! The song was written and produced by the power couple (Sonja and Diego) and has even snagged them some awards! 

  • "Contigo" was released in May 2020 and by August was number one on the Rudy Trevino's Tejano Gold Countdown
  • Sonja also won "Entertainer of the Year" in 2020 given by Mas Chingon Radio
  • "Contigo" won "Cumbia 'pop' of the Year" and Sonja won "New Artist of the Year" at the first annual Tejano Mundial Awards! 

Two more original songs have since been released and have made their way on various charts as well, "Se Acabo" featuring Joe Ojeda formally from Selena y los Dinos.  And "Me Hiciste Un Favor." Be sure to check back for more updates and listen to the music which is available on all digital platforms!

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